Good stuff, too, especially for barefoot runners and walkers—I got to do both today—about an hour walk with my wife and dog this morning—and then another 30 minute run this afternoon after work.  Glorious weather in the 70s, humidity is still low.  California weather right here in Tennessee.  I walked barefoot today; ran in my mocs.  I find that I can get  a good fast pace going in the mocs.  If I’m running totally barefoot—which I still love—my stride is a little shorter, and my pace is a little slower.  There is nothing wrong with a slow steady pace, especially as I near my 47th birthday.  But as the man said, I want to rock while I can rock, roll while I can roll, so if I can burn up some fast paced miles in the mocs, I will do it.   But I can’t wait to hit Centennial Park on Saturday and get in a solid hour barefoot in the grass!