Great barefoot running in Nashville lately, now that it is truly Spring.  This weekend, I am traveling in Mississippi and Louisiana.  So far, I have had two good 45 minute runs—one on the levee in Jackson, and another today on the levee in Baton Rouge.  I am running in my Soft Star Run Amok moccasins; Jackson streets are murder on bare feet (though the levee trail seems pretty forgiving; mostly grass and dirt).  The Baton Rouge levee is pure gravel road, so I was very thankful for my mocs.  At one point, I was wishing I had a slightly thicker sole (mine have 2mm; SoftStar offers a 5mm for trail running).  But you know what?  I have been doing this now for 2 solid years, and my feet can take it.

I’m off to enjoy my runner’s high, find some deliciously unhealthy Cajun food and drive to New Orleans—-more levee running!


Barefoot Will