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Run Amok!!

Great barefoot running in Nashville lately, now that it is truly Spring.  This weekend, I am traveling in Mississippi and Louisiana.  So far, I have had two good 45 minute runs—one on the levee in Jackson, and another today on the levee in Baton Rouge.  I am running in my Soft Star Run Amok moccasins; Jackson streets are murder on bare feet (though the levee trail seems pretty forgiving; mostly grass and dirt).  The Baton Rouge levee is pure gravel road, so I was very thankful for my mocs.  At one point, I was wishing I had a slightly thicker sole (mine have 2mm; SoftStar offers a 5mm for trail running).  But you know what?  I have been doing this now for 2 solid years, and my feet can take it.

I’m off to enjoy my runner’s high, find some deliciously unhealthy Cajun food and drive to New Orleans—-more levee running!


Barefoot Will



Took a long barefoot dog walk this morning, and an afternoon barefoot run…what a great early Spring day in Middle Tennessee.  There is rain on the way.  Praying for NO FLOOD this year.  But for today, I am thankful for the sun and temps in the 60s.  Feeling a tad tender in the soles this evening.  But also exhilarated from plodding unshod.  Hope tomorrow’s weather cooperates, so I can hit Centennial Park and sprint in the grass!

Soft Star Run Amok moccasins served me really well this winter—with socks, my feet were warm on cold days.  The 2mm Vibram sole provided good traction.  And the mocs are even better with no socks, which bodes well for running in unfamiliar places this Spring and Summer while on work trips.