I have to admit I’m enjoying running barefoot right up until Halloween and beyond.  But folks, I live in middle Tennessee.  By now it’s supposed to be pretty chilly here.  It’s real warm, though, and the weather has been gorgeous—when the warm weather isn’t running into cool weather and creating tornado warnings, like yesterday—-so I’ve been going out each morning and running and walking and running some more.  Mostly with my faithful dog, Foley.

I had yet another conversation with someone who wants to know about barefooting today, and I told them all about it.  You have read it here, and you’ve read it better written in Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’:  start slow, walk before you run, get your feet and lower calves in shape to be barefoot, because it’s DIFFERENT FOLKS, and don’t be afraid to launch into a bit of running.  Get your form together barefoot, and then decide if you need to find some sort of minimal footwear—-my friend Eric has some kind of minimal running shows and it’s working for him.  My friend Romo has Vibram Five Fingers and it’s working for him.  Me, I prefer barefoot or mocassins when it’s cold.

I’ve run and walked every day for a long long time and life is good—better than it was before!

I’ll be out there tomorrow morning…cheers.