I knew it.  As soon as I started complaining about the warm weather, it turns into full-blown Fall.  I am not complaining; a brisk morning, a blue sky, brightly colored leaves on the trees are all things I love.  So I dusted off my Soft Star Mocassins and they are still hanging in there.  I went ahead and ordered a pair of their new RunAmoc mocassins, the ones with the 2 mm Vibram sole.  I have considered Vibram Five Fingers, but when I tried them on last year, I did not like the feel of my toes individually wrapped.  And I have to admit, there are a whole lot of new age yuppies walking around all smug in their VFFs—-I prefer to be smug in my bare feet when at all possible, and snug in my Soft Star Mocs when it’s too cold for my tootsies.

Speaking on Autumn Defense, have you heard their lovely music?

Enjoy the cool beautiful weather and the colorful leaves.