After two days’ running barefoot on Jackson, Mississippi’s rather…shall we say…ahem…ROUGH city streets, I am slightly sore but still happy I did it w/o shoes.

Ran about 3 1/2 miles Monday evening, and then a little over 4 miles Tuesday morning with my friend Eric (who runs in Newtons).  Tuesday morning we were joined by Sheldon, who is old school fully shod runner.

I hit some pretty rough pavement, and had sore foot bottoms yesterday afternoon.  But you know what?  Today I am fine and could do it again, if I wasn’t about to head to the airport for a flight to Dallas and on to Orange County.   But I hit the hand weights this morning, and may have time to run on the beach in Cali this evening.

This has been such a warm fall that I have been barefoot the whole time.  I have been considering a new pair of Soft Star Mocassins.  They are making two new designs for minimalist runners.  But I’m biding my time to see just how long I can go w/o strapping anything to my feet.

By the way, did y’all see the cover story of Nature (the journal of science) a while back?  Yep, a cover story about the benefits of barefoot running.  A scientist friend in my neighborhood, a Vanderbilt guy, took me aside at a party recently and told me he had seen me running and walking barefoot, and he just thought I was a crazy musician.  Then he read the piece in Nature and realized that the whole thing was based on sound science.  I could have told him that!  Now he’s running in Vibram Five Fingers and really feeling the benefits (achilles tendons, knees feel better).

OK, I already regret not running today.  I’m going back to Cali…will hit Laguna Beach this afternoon!