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Autumn Defense

I knew it.  As soon as I started complaining about the warm weather, it turns into full-blown Fall.  I am not complaining; a brisk morning, a blue sky, brightly colored leaves on the trees are all things I love.  So I dusted off my Soft Star Mocassins and they are still hanging in there.  I went ahead and ordered a pair of their new RunAmoc mocassins, the ones with the 2 mm Vibram sole.  I have considered Vibram Five Fingers, but when I tried them on last year, I did not like the feel of my toes individually wrapped.  And I have to admit, there are a whole lot of new age yuppies walking around all smug in their VFFs—-I prefer to be smug in my bare feet when at all possible, and snug in my Soft Star Mocs when it’s too cold for my tootsies.

Speaking on Autumn Defense, have you heard their lovely music?

Enjoy the cool beautiful weather and the colorful leaves.


Endless Summer?

I have to admit I’m enjoying running barefoot right up until Halloween and beyond.  But folks, I live in middle Tennessee.  By now it’s supposed to be pretty chilly here.  It’s real warm, though, and the weather has been gorgeous—when the warm weather isn’t running into cool weather and creating tornado warnings, like yesterday—-so I’ve been going out each morning and running and walking and running some more.  Mostly with my faithful dog, Foley.

I had yet another conversation with someone who wants to know about barefooting today, and I told them all about it.  You have read it here, and you’ve read it better written in Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’:  start slow, walk before you run, get your feet and lower calves in shape to be barefoot, because it’s DIFFERENT FOLKS, and don’t be afraid to launch into a bit of running.  Get your form together barefoot, and then decide if you need to find some sort of minimal footwear—-my friend Eric has some kind of minimal running shows and it’s working for him.  My friend Romo has Vibram Five Fingers and it’s working for him.  Me, I prefer barefoot or mocassins when it’s cold.

I’ve run and walked every day for a long long time and life is good—better than it was before!

I’ll be out there tomorrow morning…cheers.

Beat But Not Broken

After two days’ running barefoot on Jackson, Mississippi’s rather…shall we say…ahem…ROUGH city streets, I am slightly sore but still happy I did it w/o shoes.

Ran about 3 1/2 miles Monday evening, and then a little over 4 miles Tuesday morning with my friend Eric (who runs in Newtons).  Tuesday morning we were joined by Sheldon, who is old school fully shod runner.

I hit some pretty rough pavement, and had sore foot bottoms yesterday afternoon.  But you know what?  Today I am fine and could do it again, if I wasn’t about to head to the airport for a flight to Dallas and on to Orange County.   But I hit the hand weights this morning, and may have time to run on the beach in Cali this evening.

This has been such a warm fall that I have been barefoot the whole time.  I have been considering a new pair of Soft Star Mocassins.  They are making two new designs for minimalist runners.  But I’m biding my time to see just how long I can go w/o strapping anything to my feet.

By the way, did y’all see the cover story of Nature (the journal of science) a while back?  Yep, a cover story about the benefits of barefoot running.  A scientist friend in my neighborhood, a Vanderbilt guy, took me aside at a party recently and told me he had seen me running and walking barefoot, and he just thought I was a crazy musician.  Then he read the piece in Nature and realized that the whole thing was based on sound science.  I could have told him that!  Now he’s running in Vibram Five Fingers and really feeling the benefits (achilles tendons, knees feel better).

OK, I already regret not running today.  I’m going back to Cali…will hit Laguna Beach this afternoon!