After months of truly grueling tour schedule, I have been home for a couple of days and feel rested for the first time in a long time.  It’s crazy what I put my body and mind through just to go play my songs for people.   And the combination of brutally hot weather and the relentless travel grind has made running and even taking walks all too rare.

But this morning I took my faithful hound Foley on one of my favorite routes.  Nothing major, just a 45 minutes to an hour jaunt from our house in Hillsboro Village, down Natchez Trace, across Blakemore and through the Vandy campus, past the track and the stadium, across West End and over to Centennial Parks grassy expanse, where we can run freely and unshod to our hearts’ content.

It was good and now I feel truly at home and rested and back up to spec.  Have a good one.