I was walking with my wife and my dog this morning—unusually cool for a mid-june day in Nashville.  Felt great.  She left for yoga class.  I took off running.  Yes, barefoot.  Headed for Centennial Park.  No shirt, no shoes.  Loving it.  Got to the park, after a mile and a half or so of pure urban concrete—which I’m used to now, no problem.  I hit the grass, with a time limit—kids go to swim practice in the morning—made a nice circuit between West End Avenue and the Parthenon.  Got to running about as fast as I can run these days, and kept it up for about 600 yards.  Got the heart pumping.  Glorious.  Enjoy your day.

If you are interested in barefoot running, begin by taking short walks.  Build up your foot strength.  Don’t go off running barefoot without preparation.  For real, people.  You’ll hurt yourself and then be one of those people telling me “barefoot running is terrible!  I went running and got blisters!”

Use your common sense.  And enjoy the day.