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In Praise of the Short Run

How many times have you looked at your watch and said to yourself, “Dammit, I don’t have time to run today”?

I used to do that on a regular basis—as if 10 or 15 minutes of running wasn’t proper running.

As a working parent, I have learned the value of the short run, the five minute weight workout, the second short run before bed, the second 5 minute weight workout.

It has literally changed my life.  Now, when I am on some insane three week work binge, peppered with swim meets and dance recitals to attend, I still run and work out almost every day.

I just ran for 15 minutes with my dog.  We got a late start, so it was too hot for Foley the furry critter to go for our customary hour run/walk combo.  But here I sit, a little sweaty, heart rate still up a bit, mood much improved.

I will now spend a few minutes doing hand weights and abs work.  More stuff that will make me feel better.

I was just in Europe, on tour for three weeks.  We traveled literally every day.  I really did not have time to find a place to run barefoot, and as I was carrying all my musical gear, my CDs to sell, and 3 weeks worth of clothes, I had not brought minimal running shoes (won’t make that mistake again).

But—I walked every day in the UK.  I did my crunches and pushups.  When we got to Euroope, and started taking trains every day, it occurred to me that we were getting our heart rates up just changing trains and carrying all our luggage and instruments all over each day and night.  So my attitude got better—I was getting exercise just carrying my stuff and changing trains!

It’s all part of trying to live in the present and take opportunities as they come.  In this case, a short run is better than no run.   A walk is better than no run.  30 pushups and 50 crunches is better than nothing.  I’ll take it when I can.

— Barefoot Will


Ahh…back at my park!!

I was walking with my wife and my dog this morning—unusually cool for a mid-june day in Nashville.  Felt great.  She left for yoga class.  I took off running.  Yes, barefoot.  Headed for Centennial Park.  No shirt, no shoes.  Loving it.  Got to the park, after a mile and a half or so of pure urban concrete—which I’m used to now, no problem.  I hit the grass, with a time limit—kids go to swim practice in the morning—made a nice circuit between West End Avenue and the Parthenon.  Got to running about as fast as I can run these days, and kept it up for about 600 yards.  Got the heart pumping.  Glorious.  Enjoy your day.

If you are interested in barefoot running, begin by taking short walks.  Build up your foot strength.  Don’t go off running barefoot without preparation.  For real, people.  You’ll hurt yourself and then be one of those people telling me “barefoot running is terrible!  I went running and got blisters!”

Use your common sense.  And enjoy the day.

Nashville Tennessean Covers Local Barefoot Runners

Hats off to Kelly Mahoney, who ran the Music City Marathon barefoot this year.  Here is an article from the Nashville Tennessean about area barefoot runners.  I have a couple of quotes in there:

I’m just back from a nice 30 minute jog with my dog, Foley.  He gets real hot in the Summer—and it’s hot weather—something like 96 today, and humid.  But he’s a trouper and it felt great to get out and run with him tonight.

I’ve been cooped up in planes, trains and automobiles for the past month—though my travel partner Tommy and I got plenty of cardio work changing trains with all our luggage, guitars, pedalboards and merchandise while on tour in Europe.

But to be back home and take a swim with the kids followed by a barefoot run with the pooch—-heavenly.

back on my (bare)feet

After three weeks on tour in Europe, I was ready to be BAREFOOT.  Not that I couldn’t have been in Europe, but the tour schedule was brutal—-we traveled every single day for three weeks and had only 3 nights off.  I was mainly in the cities and had no time to find the grassy park.

Long story short:  it’s good to be in steamy Tennessee again, get my feet naked and take a run.  Haven’t run much yet; my dog gets too hot to go for too long in the Summer here.  Took a long walk with my wife this morning and whenever Foley the dog wanted to take off and run, I went with him.

I was interviewed by a journalist from the local paper here, for an article on barefoot running.  When it runs, I’ll post a link.