Spring in Tennesse has been stunningly beautiful.  My youngest daughter is running the Music City Kids Marathon tonight, so we have been running in preparation.  She has been running barefoot, too.  She wanted to try it, and now says it is the best way to run.  Ditto my oldest daughter, who took up running recently to keep in shape between Summer swim seasons.  She has also been running barefoot and loving it.

I got my first barefoot running injuries this Spring:  I was in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, for some gigs.  I had some long drives.  I was feeling stir crazy in the car.  I found a State Park in Raleigh and went to find a nice trail and take a run.  The trail was ridiculously short, leading to a lake, which had about 100 yards of paved walkway around it.  I was determined to run, so I took off into some lovely woods.  Within about 5 minutes I had tripped on a big root and bruised the hell out of the ball of my right foot (and fallen on my face).

So I hobbled back to my car, played my show, got up the next day and drove back to Nashville.

While running the other afternoon, some calloused skin under my left foot’s big toe opened up into a painful little split.  I ran last night barefoot.  It felt great—the bruise has mostly healed—except for the split, which was painful.  i came home, washed it out with hydrogen peroxide and doused it with neosporin.

Today I ran in my moccasins.

I just wanted to report some barefooting boo boos.  I know we hate to admit that you could ever get hurt doing this…but you can.

I’ll be all healed up and barefooting next week!