As I am a traveling musician barefoot runner, I have gotten to run in a lot of places—some real grassy natural type areas, and some extremely urban areas (London, UK, for one…Oakland, California for another).

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week.  The sun came out and the temperature kept rising until it was in the upper 60s!  I hit the pavement barefoot and got in my first barefoot run since I ran with my 8 year old daughter and her friends on the brand new track at Vanderbilt University in Nashville a couple of weeks ago.

I am chomping at the bit for Spring to arrive so I can get back to barefooting full-time.  The run on the track was great:  a brand new cushy track on a sunny (cold) day.  The sun made the oval nice and warm on my feet.

In Tulsa I ran on a bike path until I reached a park and then I ran in the grass.

Why do almost all ‘barefoot running’ websites talk about almost nothing but SHOES??  Are we that consumer-obsessed that this movement (some call it a fad) is mainly just about $100 shoes??

I do love my moccasins, but they are just to keep my feet warm until it is time to go BAREFOOT!!!!!!