I’m still running through this relatively cold Tennessee winter.  Supposedly the coldest in 30 years.  No matter—I have my moccasins and my wooly socks, and I have been running and taking long walks every day.  Ran yesterday in skateboard shoes—-wet snow was making the street too wet for my mocs.  The shoes (I forget the brand name; they’re basically like Vans) allow me to run with the barefoot technique:  landing and rolling off the balls of my feet, instead of my old, self-destructive running shoe running style:  long strides, landing on my heel.  Hello, achilles tendonitis!

I finally got a comment.  From New Zealand!  Good luck with those Vibram Five Fingers.

I’ll be hitting the pavement in a few minutes, probably in my mocs.  i’m dreaming of those first Spring days, bounding down the sidewalk to the grassy park in my bare feet.

Returning to the UK in May, where I hope to shock some Brits with my bare and dirty feet!


By the way, I am a musician, and I have a new CD out:  Will Kimbrough, “Wings”, available at http://www.willkimbrough.com