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mainstream media goes (almost) barefoot

Time Magazine Online has this short video, mainly showing journalist running in Vibram Five Fingers:,32068,62885933001_1955910,00.html

Maybe when it’s warmer, the mainstream media will actually take their shoes off and get a feel for it.  Then again, it’s probably easier to sell shoes than it is to sell the idea of running barefoot in the middle of January!

Headed out to walk and run—-it may get up to upper 50s here today and I hope so, so I can hit the grass at Centennial Park with NO SHOES.


Winter ‘footing

I have been walking and running every day since my last post.  Just not barefooted.  I have been wearing my Soft Star moccasins (, and they are my winter barefoot solution.  They are handmade, reasonably priced mocs that are like nice comfortable sacks for your feet.  The soles are just sheepskin—the fuzzy part is under your foot and the suede part is the outsole.  I have been running when it was 9 degrees a couple of weeks ago, and the mocs combined with some wool hiking socks kept my feet nice and warm.  The outsole is thin enough to really give me a close to barefoot feel for the street, sidewalk, grass or trail.

They are not so good in snow and rain.  I just wear shoes or boots then.

Yesterday, Nashville got up into the 50s, and I was hoping to have time to drop by Centennial Park with my dog Foley and take a barefoot run in the grass, but I was too busy with school pickup, visiting family member at hospital, rehearsing with friends on the other side of town for a show this Sunday.

I have a new album coming out in February.  Visit my music websites for more information:……etc.

Happy barefooting.