Since my last post, I have traveled up and down the East Coast, all the way to Boston and back.  All work and no play, though:  I got in exactly one run, and that was in the DC suburb of Tyson’s Corner.  Not really ideal barefoot running, but I got some priceless looks from drivers at some of those ridiculous 8 lane intersections.

But I made it home and have had daily runs and walks with my dog and even sometimes with my wife.  I am pretty well addicted to the walk to Centennial Park, working up to a jog as we get to Vanderbilt’s campus.  There’s a nice stretch of grass almost all the way to West End Avenue, and then it’s sidewalk all the way to the park.   And then it gets really good.  I can make about a 30 minute loop (including dog-sniffing spots, etc) and barely set foot on pavement.  So by the time I get back home, it’s about an hour and ten.  When i have the time, it makes the whole day better.

I’m headed out for one of those runs now…