Got up just before dawn this morning, had a cup of coffee and took off barefoot running with my dog Foley.  We went for 30 minutes and then it was time to get back to the house for the Monday morning schoolday preparations.  Fall is knocking on the door.  My feet got cold in the dewy grass around the corner from West End Middle School.  Felt great.  I will probably take a long barefoot walk with my wife after we get the youngest child to school.  

I ran the other day in my running shoes—a really expensive pair of shoes that were recommended to me by my venerable local running store.  I love the venerable old shop, but I have to say that within about 100 yards, my old achilles tendon pain came roaring back to life.  I cussed the shoes and took them off.  

Yesterday, I relegated said shoes to yard work.  But even mowing the lawn in the shoes made my achilles tendon hurt.  I am going to give them away-=-I’m sure someone can use this super deluxe footwear that is useless to me.  

I’m going to Texas for work on Wednesday.  I’ll take my water shoes, maybe my moccasins.  I doubt there’ll be good barefoot running near my Dallas hotel.  

Next week, my wife and I are flying to San Francisco to visit friends, then renting a car and driving over to Yosemite for a music festival I’m playing, and then back over to Modesto for another gig.  I can’t wait to be back in the Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada.

Great running in Tennessee right now.  What a gloriously cool summer we have had overall. 

Have a great run.