I just got home from a family trip to Alabama—-drove to Mobile with my wife and kids on Thursday. My wife and I drove three hours to Auburn on Friday. I played a sweaty but fun show there at the Strutting Duck Friday night. We got up early Saturday and drove back to Mobile—-I attempted to run but our hotel was on a four lane highway with no sidewalk. We drove south to the coast and spent the rest of Saturday swimming with the kids and eating killer food my Mama cooked (mahi mahi, big salad, butter beans….etc…mmmmm).

I got up sunday morning and ran for about an hour barefoot. A lot of sidewalk and some luscious barefoot sprinting in dewy, freshly mown soccer field grass at Spring Hill College.

Back to the pool (I am my 8 year old’s personal pool toy—-never left the pool for three hours), more great food. In the late afternoon, we met more family and friends at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club for burgers and beer. I played a show there that night and it was a good one.

On Monday, we drove over Mobile Bay to Fairhope and on down to Point Clear to the Grand Hotel. Spent the afternoon—-you guessed it—-swimming in the huge pool. Met my Aunt and a family friend at Wintzell’s in Fairhope. I had the oyster sampler and we all shared fried crab claws.

Got up early Tuesday morning for a barefoot run of about 45 minutes along a paved trail that runs along the coast road from Point Clear to Fairhope. Swam for an hour with my youngest.

Drove the 7 hours back to Nashville. I enjoyed the route we chose from I-10 to I-65 through Spanish Fort and Blakely, Alabama—–along the bluff that runs between the Bay and the Delta down there. A rainy Summer has kept things lush. The Red Oaks were thriving and gorgeous.

Home again and happily running my barefoot routes through Hillsboro Village and Music Row.