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will kimbrough’s barefoot blog

i’ve started a diary/blog about my barefoot running and walking experiences in and around nashville, in london, wherever i may be.


Almost Barefoot in London

The last time I was in London, I walked and ran barefoot every day around Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and through Hyde and Holland Parks.  This trip, I have chickened out a little bit.  Staying in northeast London, Barbican/Clerkenwell/Islington area.  A little too much broken glass around here.  So I ran and walked 6 miles this morning in my Target water shoes.  My screwy achilles tendon and my permanently sore ankle seem to like barefooting best, even and especially on pavement.  But I went with the water shoes today and it worked out ok.

I’m playing a gig tonight with Rodney Crowell, Jedd Hughes and The Flatlanders at Barbican Centre in London.

Barefoot in Newcastle

Flew into Newcastle, UK, via London Heathrow, yesterday morning.  Went out for a run in my cheapo water shoes along the Quayside (prounounced “keyside”)—the Tyne river front.  But running in any kind of footwear these days seems to make my achilles tendon sore and tender.  

I limped around a while this morning, trying to loosen up my old adversary (that poor tendon).  Took off for a walk along Quayside—another lovely day, though rain is predicted today—and pretty soon shed the shoes and walked barefoot.  After a while, the predominance of bird poop and broken glass had me back in the shoes.  But the barefoot half hour or so did its job:  the tendon loosened up and I feel better.

I’m playing a show here tonight at The Sage—with Rodney Crowell, Jedd Hughes and The Flatlanders.

I love Newcastle.  Cheers.


I got up at six and walked for an hour with my dog Foley.  I ran a little bit but mostly walked.  Barefoot, of course.  Later in the day, after work, I ran from the house to the swim club and swam with my wife and youngest daughter.  Lovely Nashville cool weather.  Quite unusual and wonderful.  Every day, another neighbor musters up the nerve to ask me just exactly what it is I am doing, running and walking around Hillsboro Village in my bare feet—and usually with no shirt.  I guess that’s a faux pas to a polite Southerner.  I ought to know, but I guess I’m from lower Alabama…

barefoot will

a blog about the pleasures of barefoot running and walking

Hello world!

I have decided to start a blog about my transition from injured former runner to barefoot walker/runner/hiker who feels better than ever.  I started running and walking barefoot 10 weeks ago after hearing Christopher McDougall interviewed on NPR.  I was intrigued.  I was on a long drive, so I pulled over for gas and found a bookstore and bought McDougall’s book, “Born To Run”.  I read it as soon as I got home.  

Then I started walking barefoot.  It went so well that I started running barefoot.  I can’t wait to do more hiking barefoot.

If you’re interested, there are links to the right on this page.  I highly recommend McDougall’s book if you are a runner, or if you just like good books.

I also recommend spending at least part of your day with your shoes and socks off.